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Find my Earbuds

This app can help you find your Lost AirPods, Earbuds, Headphones and many other Bluetooth devices in seconds!
It works with any Bluetooth 4.0 device, the app’s scanner can track other Bluetooth 4.0 devices also.

How it works:
1.Lauch the app and open it
2.If you lost device is powered on and within range,you can see in the the list,just select it
3.Walk around slowly, if you move closer to your lost device, it will show the distance between you and your lost device. Walking slowly is the key to tracking your lost device.

1.Works with any Bluetooth 4.0 device,and can track the device.
2.Show the exact distance between you and your lost device
3.Works indoors and outdoors
4.User friendly and very easy to use

Note: Find your device as soon as possible, or its battery will run out.

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